Home Care Policy Manuals

Mefford, Knutson and Associates, Inc. offers many policy and procedure manuals that are readily adaptable to meet the individual needs of agencies.
  • Personnel Policy Manual: This manual was developed to provide the home care manager with an expanded set of policies that assist in setting performance expectations and clarifying those expectations for agency staff. The manual goes beyond the regulatory policies and job descriptions and provides tolls for evaluating competency and measuring job performance. To order, call 1-800-247-2343.  Item 7428
  • Medicare Policy Manual: This manual is your single, comprehensive resource for Medicare and CDC requirements, as well as OSHA standards. Developed by Mefford, Knutson & Associates and Briggs, all policies that provide supportive documentation and direction for your agency and staff are included. Sections include: Administration, Client Care, Governing and Personnel. This manual is easily customized to your agency’s operations and state requirements. To order, call 1-800-247-2343.  Item 7418D
  • PCA Policy Manual: Designed to meet all current PCA home health requirements. You will save time and receive and excellent value with this manual. These policies are readily adaptable to meet the individual needs of agencies. The manual is divided into five sections: Administration, Client Care, Personnel, Job Descriptions, and Infection Control. This manual includes policies and forms for MN 245D license requirements.
  • Assisted Living Policy Manual: This manual is designed to respond to providers serving a broad continuum of assisted living clients. It’s format is structured so that it can be tailored to encompass specific state regulations. The policies give clear direction to clinicians as well as administrators and owners. A great time saver for Assisted Living managers. Policies are tailored to Minnesota regulations but can easily be adapted to other state’s regulations.
  • Employee Handbook Template: A comprehensive handbook for new hires or veteran employees. Easily tailored to meet your agency’s specific policies and state requirements. This detailed and comprehensive compilation of policies and procedures will provide agency employees with clear direction related to employee rights and responsibilities, EEOC statutes, agency personnel policies, work-related benefits and patient care policies. 
  • Clinical Procedures: This Home Health Agency Clinical Procedure Manual includes enhanced procedures as well as clinical competencies.  Content includes wound care, infusion and medication administration, general pediatric procedures, and PPS consideration.  Documentation and teaching aspects are incorporated into procedures as appropriate.  To order, call 1-800- 247-2343.  Item 7419D.
  • MN Comprehensive Licensing Policy Manual: Designed to meet all current home health requirements of the Comprehensive License.  You will save time and receive an excellent value with this manual.  The manual is divided into four sections: Administrative, Client Services, Personnel and Infection Control. There is an appendix of resources that includes form, specific assisted living policies, and industry guidance.
  • MN Basic Licensing Policies and Procedures: Meets all current state Basic License home health requirements.  The policy manual is divided into three sections: Administrative, Client Services, and Personnel.
  • MN START-UP/ Application Policies and Procedures: This policy and procedure package will be all you need for your intial application with MDH.  Once approved, dollar amount will be credited towards the purchase of the Comprehensive or Basic manual.